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About Hasdeo Express:

Welcome to Hasdeo Express, your reliable source for comprehensive news coverage. We are committed to delivering timely and accurate information, catering to both local and global audiences.

Who We Are:

Hasdeo Express is founded and operated by Bhuvneshwar Mahto, a seasoned journalist based in Korba, Chhattisgarh. With a passion for journalism and a dedication to serving the community, Bhuvneshwar Mahto has established Hasdeo Express as a trusted platform for news dissemination.

Our Mission:

At Hasdeo Express, our mission is to provide readers with a diverse range of news stories that inform, inspire, and engage. We strive to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity while delivering content that reflects the pulse of our society.

What We Offer:

Local News: We specialize in covering the latest happenings in Korba and the surrounding regions, ensuring our readers stay informed about developments in their own backyard.

National and International Coverage: In addition to local news, we bring you updates from across the nation and around the globe, keeping you abreast of significant events and trends shaping the world.

Professional Reporting: Our team of experienced journalists is dedicated to delivering news stories with accuracy, objectivity, and insight. We take pride in our commitment to thorough research and responsible reporting.

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